Land Development

As a real estate developer, we are always looking for land acquisition opportunities for future development and redevelopment. Over the years we have acquired key development lands intending to create vibrant and sustainable developments that will be appreciated for generations. At Gill Developments we work with our consultants to optimize the value and growth potential of natural and raw land by rezoning, designing, and servicing it into parcels ready for construction.

Conrich Crossing

Conrich Crossing is a new master-planned development for the Hamlet of Conrich that spans 159 acres. It will feature residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Our team is currently working on phase 1.

Land Holdings

Our land holdings are at different stages of planning and development. We are currently working with our consultants and local municipalities to plan vibrant and sustainable developments. These developments will assist the needs of our growing population and emerging industries.

East Lakeview Estates

Our Chestermere East Lakeview development is a single-family residential development spanning 24 acres on the East side of Chestermere.

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